At United Financial Home Loans, we pledge to do everything we can to help you grow your business. We understand how important the mortgage part of the home buying process of your business can be to your success. So, we work hard to make sure your purchase transactions are smooth, and your referrals are plenty.

Benefits of working with United Financial Home Loans

Working with United Financial Home Loans means faster initial approvals and faster closings, which means you, the real estate agent, can get paid faster, too.

Imagine being able to track your purchase transaction through the process in real time, anytime. Now imagine being able to have access to that information with just the click of a button. Available on every purchase transaction our system lets you know when your loan is submitted to underwriting, when the appraisal is received, when the closing date is scheduled and more. And if you decide to share this information it is as easy as sending an email.

Every party involved in your purchase transaction wants a smooth and worry-free closing experience. Our Closing Tracker is one of the key reasons we can close most loans in 19 days or less. Closing Tracker allows us to monitor the loan process from start to finish and see what is needed for the CD to be sent out. The best part? Closing Tracker automatically releases the CD and sends it to your buyer prior to clear-to-close/approval, saving precious time and making you look great in front of your clients. Everything we do at United Financial Home Loans is designed to make your job easier and help you do it faster as we take the loan from CTC to closing docs in minutes and you don’t have to wait for a wire at the closing table. We will monitor every interaction between the closer and settlement agent to make sure every detail goes as planned.

Working your purchase transaction with United Financial Home Loans

  • Appraisals waivers on primary residence purchases up to 80% LTV
  • Jumbo loan options up to $3M with no MI required
  • Escrow waivers up to 95% LTV on conventional loans and up to 100% LTV on VA loans with no extra waiver fee
  • No mortgage insurance on conventional loans for primary and second home purchases with as little as 10.01%
  • Exclusive mortgage insurance rates for loans that require MI
  • Get an initial approval for qualified borrowers in just 15 minutes so your buyer can make an offer with certainty
  • You can submit TBD Scenarios for any income or other loan level items, securing a low rate for 60 or 90 days
    while your buyer shops for the perfect home

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